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'What on earth is that smell?' Man finds poop hidden in new apartment in South Korea

Having just moved into a new home, a South Korean man was baffled as to why there was a strong, foul stench permeating the air in his newly built apartment. 

The man, identified as Mr A in a report by Hankyung.com, moved into his new abode in Gyeonggi Province, in May. 

And as the weather became hotter, the stench got more severe.

Unable to withstand it any longer, Mr A requested for his apartment to be inspected, which took place in July by an official from the construction company. 

After a detailed inspection into the plumbing, floors, walls and ceilings, the official discovered the source of the stench – three plastic bags filled with human faeces hidden in a space inside the ceiling.

"As soon as the construction company's employees removed the ceiling light, a strong odour filled the room. They couldn't even film or take photos of the evidence, and left with the bags as soon as possible," Mr A said. 

It is believed the plastic bags were left behind by construction workers while they were working on the apartment. 

Other residents in the building were also affected by the stench.

A man who lives next door said his wife who is five months pregnant has been suffering from headaches because of the smell. 

The construction company has since removed the wallpaper and sanitised the apartment, but the stench still persists, said Mr A.   

“I'm not sure how they did it because the smell is still so strong that it gives me a headache," he said. 

An official from the construction company said they plan to compensate the residents for damages as soon as possible. 

In sunny Singapore, back in 2015, a couple discovered that their newly furnished Build-To-Order flat at Block 313C Sumang Link in Punggol had been flooded with faeces and urine

The mess was caused by a common sewage pipe that was choked with cement. 

Although their new home was eventually cleaned with help from the Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council, yellow stains could still be seen on the white tiles, and a foul smell continued to permeate the flat. 

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