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Woman resigns on the day of her confirmation after boss calls her 'stupid'

A woman in Malaysia resigned from her job on the same day she received her confirmation as she claimed her boss called her “stupid”. 

She revealed this while responding to an anonymous question on Twitter, which asked her to elaborate on what a toxic environment at a workplace looked like. 

The woman, who goes by @thegrxyvibe on Twitter, said she had a manager who would shout at her, using derogatory words.  

She also claimed that he once asked her to pick him up using her car as he had a flat tyre, and was called “stupid” for being late because she could not find the route to his house. 

Speaking to Mothership, the woman said she resigned from her job after her three-month probation period.

She threw in the towel on the very day she received her confirmation, which was the day after she was called stupid for getting lost while picking him up.

Her boss, she said, was “shocked” when she quit.

When one user in the comments asked her how someone like her boss was able to become a manager, she said her boss was a “sweet talker”. 

Many in the comments also came forward to share similar workplace experiences. 

One user shared how his boss constantly told him he was “expendable” and could be replaced by “lower-paid freshgrads”. 

But he said he eventually found another job that paid him four times more. 

Another said she had a manager who once called her after work hours and asked her to photocopy over 200 pages of documents “page by page”.