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Woman tries to escape wreckage of car accident; gets hit by another car

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The sequence of collisions could have easily her.

Yet she managed to escape death.

On Australia's Gold Coast, two women were involved in a car crash when a Mitsubishi ran a red light and crashed into them.

The 19-year-old passenger then tried to escape the wreckage by climbing out the shattered window. 


While attempting to cross the road, she was then hit by another car – a sedan.

She was flung into the air landing on the sedan windscreen.

The driver of the sedan was drunk at the wheel.

The 24-year-old man later underwent a breathalyser test. He was more three times the legal blood alcohol limit, according to Queensland Police inspector Karen Shaw.

Police said: "She was clipped by a third vehicle, and was thrown into the air, colliding with the windscreen and falling onto the road."

After both accidents the 19-year-old suffered serious injuries to her back and leg.

The driver of the Mitsubishi who caused the first crash drove off, fleeing the scene. He is still on the run and Police are trying to locate him.

The both the 19-year-old and her 18-year-old friend who was driving were taken to Gold Coast University hospital. The driver was also treated for serious injuries.

The driver of the Sedan will appear in court on May 28.

Source: ABC News

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