WATCH: Young Arsenal fans bamboozle Gunners with tough interview questions

When a handful of Arsenal players were told that they would be interviewed by a couple of young Arsenal fans who had won the meeting through a contest, they probably didn’t think too much of it.

What’s another interview anyway? And an interview conducted by a couple of kids couldn’t be that tough, right?

However, Hector Bellerin, Calum Chambers, Per Mertesacker and Jack Wilshere were in for a surprise.

It was a prank, of course, but they didn’t know it.

On top of answering ridiculously difficult questions such as “what is the capital of Namibia”, the players also had to deal with the “disappointed” Jaeden and Nathan, because their favourite players didn’t show up.

We wonder what Wilshere will think after watching this clip.

Source: YouTube

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