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Wayne Rooney scores from inside his half for the third time

Wayne Rooney scored a sensational goal with a blast from his own half for his Major League Soccer side DC United yesterday morning (Singapore time).

His Goal of the Season contender lifted United to a 1-0 victory over Orlando City and saw the veteran former England striker dance an excited little jig and trigger a social-media storm of applause across the globe.

The ex-Manchester United star hammered a 60-metre strike over Orlando goalkeeper Brian Rowe and into the net in the 10th minute.

"I thought it was nice and it was special to score the goal this evening," Rooney told the DC United website.

The 33-year-old was the most advanced DC United player as his team defended deep. When the ball was hoofed clear, two City men converged, but only deflected it into Rooney's path.

Facing the Orlando goal and with the ball bouncing in front of him, Rooney saw Rowe was off his line and smashed a first-time shot.

As the ball swerved and dipped over the despairing goalkeeper, Rooney broke into a brief dance. He spread his arms wide in celebration as the ball curled inside the near post.

"It's something that I've practised so many times," Rooney said.

"Different managers and teammates are, like, why are you practising this, you won't score from this position, but for nights like tonight, that's why I practise it."

The training had paid off in the past. In 2017, Rooney rifled a shot past Joe Hart from his own half for Everton against West Ham United. In 2014, Rooney scored from just inside the opposition half for Manchester United, also against West Ham. - AFP