Lerner needs to shed some weight

Marc Lerner echoed the collective sigh of relief of his four fellow Singapore-based expatriate jockeys when given the nod to ride trackwork on Saturday, after being locked down since early April by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Like him, Juan Paul van der Merwe, Ryan Munger, Ruan Maia and Louis-Philippe Beuzelin were also unable to work due to visa restrictions.

The other two expatriates, Australians Vlad Duric and John Powell, could ride trackwork as they are permanent residents.

Lerner has ballooned to 61kg from his 53kg riding weight.

"I'm very happy we're back racing soon. Staying at home while waiting without knowing when racing will be back was very tough," said Lerner.

"At least, now we have a date. I hope the worst is behind us. I am now at 61kg, but I'm confident I'll slim down to my normal riding weight by July 11."

He has been cycling 8km to Kranji to work and back to stay fit.

"Actually, physically, this break has done me a world of good. I feel fit and strong. I just need to lose weight. I can't wait to be back riding in races," he said.