WATCH: Venus Williams meets the best 'ball boys' in the world

Venus Williams and fellow Grand Slam-winner Svetlana Kuznetsova played an exhibition tennis match at the ASB Classic tournament in Auckland,New Zealand last week.

What captured the hearts of many were the ball boys. Rather than slender young men and women, dogs became the adorable ball boys. took over the important role of picking up the loose balls on the court. 

Mastiff cross-breed Oscar, Border Collie Ted and Jack Russell cross Teddy became shaggy stars of the match, outshining the two mega-stars. We're sure ther were plenty of ooohs and ahhhs at this match.

The only question we have is how did Williams and Kuznetsova feel picking up balls soaked in doggy-saliva. Cuteness has it's limits.

Sources: The New Zealand Herald, ASB

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