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Actor Jung Woo-sung trying to find owner of the Mentos he took by mistake

SEOUL - Actor Jung Woo-sung, who stars in the espionage film Hunt (2022), is on a social media hunt of his own.

He is trying to track down a fan whose Mentos sweets he accidentally took while shaking hands.

In a hilarious clip posted on the Instagram feed of his management agency, Artist Company, Jung, 49, is seen reverently holding a small roll of sweets in both hands.

"I'm looking for the owner of the Mentos," he said in Korean, according to entertainment site Allkpop.

He added that he had thought the person, who was at a screening of Hunt on Sunday (Aug 7), was giving the Mentos to him, so he said thank you and put the sweets in his pocket.

After the event, someone posted on a fan community group with the subject title Jung Woo-sung Took My Mentos.

The netizen wrote: "I went to the movie screening after work and I had Mentos in my pocket. I thought there would be a handshake and I was just holding the Mentos in my hands and he took it lols."

Jung bowed and said sorry in his clip: "I apologise for accidentally stealing the Mentos."


In the caption, his management appealed to the owner of the candy to come forward, but there have been no updates since the clip was uploaded on Monday (Aug 8).

Hunt reunites Jung on the big screen with Squid Game actor Lee Jung-jae, 49, after 23 years.

The duo, who became fast friends after working on The City Of The Rising Sun (1999), face off again in Hunt, which is also Lee's directorial debut.

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