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The Force is stronger with Beauty And The Beast

In the battle of the teaser trailers, Beauty And The Beast has beaten Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In its first 24 hours, the first clip from Disney's live-action adaptation of the classic fairy tale was viewed a record 91.8 million times.

According to Entertainment Weekly, it beat the two teasers released for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which racked up 55 million and 88 million views on their respective first days.



Beauty And The Beast, which will be released next year, is directed by Bill Condon and stars Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as The Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth and Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts.

Hathaway says sorry for 'shade thrown' in meme

Even Oscar-winning Hollywood actresses are afraid of offending the Kardashians.

Anne Hathaway, 33, recently shared a meme of British actress Helena Bonham Carter, her co-star in their new movie Alice Through The Looking Glass, on her Instagram that read: "In a world of Kardashians, be Helena Bonham Carter."

After receiving mean comments like "Really Anne? You don't have to put other people down to bring someone up", Hathaway quickly removed the post that referenced the popular reality TV celebrity family.

She then put up an apology picture that read: "Post removed for unintended shade thrown."



It never occurred to me I was pitting anyone against each other. Not my style. Peace x

A photo posted by Anne Hathaway (@annehathaway) on May 23, 2016 at 5:43pm PDT


She added in the caption: "It never occurred to me I was pitting anyone against each other. Not my style. Peace x."

LaBeouf to hitchhike around US

The increasingly eccentric Shia LaBeouf, who made headlines for a series of outlandish antics last year, will be hitchhiking around the US.

For his latest piece of performance art, the 29-year-old US actor is working with frequent collaborators Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner, along with digital media and broadcasting company Vice. He will be travelling across the country and interacting with fans.

For the next 30 days, fans can track the trio by using the GPS coordinates they post on Twitter account "thecampaignbook".

They can also visit, where their movements can be tracked in real time.

The project was commissioned by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art as part of The Finnish Institute in London and MediaLive 2016.

The other contributors are Vice and the Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

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