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Jennifer Lopez has rom-com ‘homecoming’ with Marry Me

LONDON (Reuters) – Jennifer Lopez plays a familiar role in new film Marry Me, portraying a pop superstar whose love life is scrutinised by millions.

Often snapped by photographers herself, in the movie Lopez plays Kat Valdez, half of a music superstar couple with her partner Bastian.

The two plan to wed in front of a global audience, streaming their nuptials to their fans, but shortly before, Kat learns Bastian has been unfaithful and instead marries a stranger in the crowd, Charlie, played by Owen Wilson. Marry Me is now showing in cinemas.

“This wasn’t a role where I had to research what it was like to be a famous recording artist ... I understand what all of that is already,” Lopez said during a virtual press conference.

“The difficult part was... the idea of showing what it’s really like inside my bedroom when something goes wrong and you suffer a heartbreak like this in front of the whole world and the media kind of goes to town on you.”

Released in time for Valentine’s Day, the movie is a rom-com “homecoming” for Lopez, known for films like Maid in Manhattan, The Wedding Planner and The Back-up Plan.

“I, as a moviegoer, love romantic comedies. Those are some of my favourite movies of all time, whether it’s When Harry Met Sally or Prelude To A Kiss or any of these type of movies,” said Lopez, who has rekindled her romance Ben Affleck.

“All of those movies is what I grew up on in a way, and I love them so much. And so it is kind of a homecoming for me because I haven’t done one in a few years.”

Colombian singer Maluma makes his acting debut in the film, playing Bastian.

“We both love music. We both love touring, (performing) and everything. So I felt pretty connected,” he said of his character, though dismissing Bastian’s unfaithfulness.

“I enjoyed ... the experience of being in the movie ... even making the music was beautiful too.” 

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