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Johnny Depp to direct his first film in 25 years with Al Pacino co-producing

LOS ANGELES - Actor Johnny Depp will go behind the camera again after 25 years to direct Modigliani, about Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani.

Based on a play, the movie will also see Depp co-produce alongside actor Al Pacino and seasoned producer Barry Navidi.

"The saga of Mr. Modigliani's life is one that I'm incredibly honoured, and truly humbled, to bring to the screen," said Depp, 59, to entertainment portal The Hollywood Reporter. "It was a life of great hardship, but eventual triumph - a universally human story all viewers can identify with."

While best known as an actor in movies such as the Pirates Of The Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts franchises, Depp is also a seasoned producer with 10 films under his belt.

In a statement emailed to The Hollywood Reporter, Pacino said he and Depp had been involved in this project for a number of years and it will start principal photography in spring 2023.

In his directorial debut in 1997, Depp directed both himself and Marlon Brando in The Brave. In the critically panned film, Depp plays a Native American man who is paid a large sum of money to star in a snuff film directed by Brando's character.

Besides the upcoming Modigliani biopic, Depp is also playing King Louis XV in French movie Jeanne Du Barry, which started shooting in late July.

It will be Depp's first feature in three years after the conclusion of his high-profile defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard, 36, in June, which he won.