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Movie Review: Call Of Heroes (NC16)

After a string of mediocre flicks - City Under Siege (2010), Shaolin (2011), The White Storm (2013) - weighed down by melodrama and mawkish exchanges, Hong Kong director Benny Chan is back in form.

Call Of Heroes, set in war-torn 1914 China after the fall of the Qing Dynasty, tells the tale of brave Pucheng villagers who stand up against cruel warlord Cao Shaolun (Louis Koo).

Among them are stoic sheriff Yang Kenan (Lau Ching Wan) and comical vagabond Ma Feng (Eddie Peng).

Story-wise, it's simple but effective. The action is gripping and equally impressive are the high-octane choreography and fight set pieces.

Ratings: 4/5

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