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Nicole Kidman shows off muscles in photos

(THE STAR) - Australia actress Nicole Kidman looks like she can give Natalie Portman's Jane Foster from Thor: Love And Thunder a run for her money in the physique department.

On the cover of the latest The Perfect Magazine, Kidman shows off her ripped body, revealing bulging biceps!

The 55-year-old Oscar winner – who wore a Diesel mini skirt and Glenn Martens top on the cover – is honoured with the Perfect Icon award by the magazine, recognising people who are "shaping contemporary culture".

In the magazine editorial, Kidman is praised for her versatility.

The actress explained her process: "I make my decisions the way a teenager would. Not playing out the consequences. I approach things like, 'I want to do this, I'm gonna try it.' It's had its ups and downs. It actually makes for a really tumultuous career – which I'm into."

The photo spread is captured by Malaysian photographer Zhong Lin.

Zhong uploaded several photos of Kidman on her Instagram page and thanked the actress for the opportunity to work with her.


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"@nicolekidman thanks for the trust in the team and for making everyone’s visions come true. What a great sport in pushing the boundaries and exploring the impossibilities together, much admired!" Zhong wrote.

The self-taught photographer is a celebrated artist who has worked with top international publications such as Vogue China, Harpers Bazaar China, British Vogue, Vanity Fair, Nylon China and W Korea.

In a previous interview with CNN, Zhong said that growing up in a multicultural society in Malaysia has inspired the way she photographs.

"I grew up with so many different cultural influences that I could be eating Malay food and watching a Hollywood movie, with Indian music (playing) in the background, while talking to my family in Mandarin.

"All these diverse cultures nourish me and play crucial rules in inspiring my photography," she said.

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