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JJ Lin celebrates early 42nd birthday in HK with Charlene Choi

HONG KONG – Home-grown singer JJ Lin, who turned 42 on Monday, had an early birthday celebration on the final day of his Hong Kong concert tour on Sunday.

The Mandopop star posted photos of the celebrations to social media early on Monday, writing in English: “Spending this year’s birthday with family, friends and colleagues. The greatest feeling ever! Happy birthday to me.”

He also wrote in Chinese: “Being able to spend my birthday at work is the happiest thing for me.”

Hong Kong-Canadian singer-actress Charlene Choi, 40, was seen in one of the photos holding a birthday cake with Lin.

She commented under the photo: “Happy birthday, Brother Dimples.”


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Choi, one half of the Cantopop duo Twins with Gillian Chung, was Lin’s special guest at his concert on Sunday.

The duo triggered a wave of nostalgia among fans when they performed the songs Loving Her and Dimples.

The song Loving Him was first released by Twins as part of their 2006 album Around The World With 80 Dollars. It was later adapted by Lin and renamed Loving Her for his 2011 album She Says.

The duet Dimples was a collaboration between Lin and Choi for his 2008 album Sixology. The track was also included in her 2009 album Lonely Me.

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