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JJ Lin returns Cartier ring to fan after mistaking it for gift

When a fan held out a Cartier ring to JJ Lin, he took and kept it after thanking them with a handshake.

But that wasn't quite what the fan, who attended Lin's recent concert in the United States, was expecting.

In a post initially uploaded to Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu, the astounded fan said they "almost laughed to death" after the incident.

The fan said they were holding the ring out because they wanted Lin to add to its "good luck”. 

The ring was considered lucky because they purchased the ring in Las Vegas the day before the Lin’s show. They also managed to secure tickets to an Adele concert immediately buying the ring. 

JJ Lin reaching out for his fan's handPHOTO: XIAOHONGSHU

Some netizens commented on the post in jest that “JJ must have thought that he was being proposed to”. 

But the post did not sit well with all fans. Some felt that it could negatively affect Lin’s reputation by making him sound like a thief. 

The fan has since apologised in another post,  stressing that Lin would "never take advantage of a fan” and that he “really treasures the gifts he receives from fans”.  They also clarified that Lin's team have reached out to return the ring.


The fan added: “It’s okay if you guys want to scold me, but don’t scold JJ, thanks”.

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