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Joanna Dong undergoes minor surgery after breast cancer scare

Home-grown singer Joanna Dong suffered a health scare recently and is recovering after a minor operation.

The 42-year-old wrote in a long post on social media on June 29 that she noticed bloody discharge from her right breast, so when she went for her regular breast check-up, her specialist recommended some tests and scans.

Dong said the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) results were “pretty concerning” and revealed a sizeable area of blood pooling in the ducts on both breasts. As it looked like it might be DCIS (stage zero breast cancer), a biopsy was ordered.

The jazz performer, who found mainstream fame after placing third in Chinese reality TV singing competition Sing! China in 2017, said she and her doctor were greatly relieved to find no cancer, but there were some atypical cells in her right breast.

“Just had minor surgery yesterday to have a relatively small segment excised and my ducts removed – I am home and doing great and should make a full recovery really soon,” she wrote.

Dong said she is sharing her experience as she believes talking about breast conditions should be destigmatised by now.

“I went through a whole gamut of emotions when my doctor told me in the worst-case scenario it might have been a double lumpectomy or even mastectomy and breast reconstruction,” she wrote.

“My heart goes out to anyone who has had to endure that – besides the obvious physical trauma, the psychological relationship that we have with gendered body beauty standards is complex.”

Dong remembered to thank her doctor and nurses for the care they have shown her.

“I am also thankful to my younger self for getting a solid insurance policy, so that I can have the best treatment possible when I need it without worrying too much about finances,” Dong wrote. “Everyone, especially freelancers in the arts – please, get on top of this if you haven’t.”

The singer, who is slated to perform in one of the segments of the upcoming National Day Parade (NDP), also thanked the 2024 NDP team for making arrangements at short notice, so that she can focus on recovery and return for the final rehearsals and NDP show on Aug 9.

“In the meantime, the awesome Tay Kexin will be performing in my place for the next three Saturdays of NDP rehearsals/shows,” Dong wrote, referring to the local singer who is also a member of Singapore vocal group MICappella. “Please look out for her and the delightfully fun segment we are involved in.”

More than 20 of Dong’s celebrity pals posted words of encouragement and wished her a speedy recovery.

“I’m in awe of your professionalism and attitude right up to before your surgery,” Tay wrote. “Please rest well and I look forward to seeing you on the big screen on Aug 9.”

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