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Kit Chan and other stars to gather in S'pore for Chinese awards

A bevy of Chinese stars will descend on Singapore this weekend, as the widely anticipated Yuewen Global IP Awards will be held at the Sands Grand Ballroom on Jan 27 in collaboration with Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

According to marketing banners at MBS, one of the biggest names who will be present at the awards is actor Dylan Wang.

The 25-year-old is best known for playing the role of Daoming Si, the rich and cocky protagonist of Chinese drama Meteor Garden, a remake of the popular Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden (2001 to 2002), based on the Japanese manga series Boys Over Flowers.

The actor gained wider recognition after starring in the Chinese fantasy drama Love Between Fairy And Devil (2022), alongside actress Esther Yu.

Other stars who will be present include actor Lin Gengxin, who rose to fame for his role as the 14th Prince in the time-travel drama Scarlet Heart (2011), as well as actor Zhang Yunlong and singer Tiger Hu, two alumni of the popular reality series Call Me By Fire (2021 to present).

Other celebrities include actress Kitty Zhang Yuqi, who became famous after starring in Hong Kong comic actor Stephen Chow’s 2008 film CJ7, and singer Gong Linna, who shot to fame on the Internet with her performance of the lyricless song Tante.

Zhang Yuqi, 36, and Gong, 48, are also alumni of the popular reality series Sisters Who Make Waves (2020 to present), the female predecessor of Call Me By Fire.

Also seen on the marketing banner is Singapore singer Kit Chan.

Taking place for the first time outside China, the Yuewen Global IP Awards celebrates Chinese literature and recognises the work of distinguished Chinese writers, creators and artists in the creative field, across multiple mediums including animation, film, television and video games.

The awards on Jan 27 is a pre-recorded event and will be broadcast on Tencent Video on Feb 5.

Fans can purchase tickets on the official MBS website and via Sistic (go to or call 6348-5555).

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