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Mirror's Keung To dispels disbandment rumours after concert accident

HONG KONG - Mirror member Keung To has dispelled rumours that the top Hong Kong boy band was disbanding in a late-night post on Instagram Stories.

One of the most popular members of the 12-man group, To, 23, wrote at about 1.30am Hong Kong time on Thursday (Aug 4): "Will not give up. We will not give up. We will definitely stand up. We will face everything together."

His post came hours after the members had an emergency meeting on Wednesday (Aug 3) with their management company, including the top executives, and emerged looking solemn and worried.

This sparked rumours that the band were disbanding after an accident on stage during their fourth concert last Thursday (July 28).

A large video screen fell from the ceiling of the Hong Kong Coliseum, injuring two dancers, including "Ah Mo" Lee Kai Yin, 27, who may be paralysed from the neck down.

The second dancer, Chang Tsz-fung, 29, who was earlier reported to have been discharged from hospital with minor injuries, is said to still be undergoing treatment at CUHK Medical Centre.

This is according to a report by Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post on Tuesday (Aug 2), which referenced a recording from Chang's wife, released through a third-party, Ms Catherine Lui, on Facebook.

Ms Lui said Chang head was hit by the screen, which also crushed his pelvis and thighs. He reportedly needs daily physiotherapy.

The investigation into the accident is ongoing and interviews will be conducted with Mirror members as well as dancers, the production team, contractors and engineers.

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