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Singer Charlene Choi accuses unnamed celebrity of not repaying his debt

BEIJING - Hong Kong singer-actress Charlene Choi has disclosed that she broke off ties with a friend after learning that he had lied to her in order to borrow money.

In a recent interview on Chinese variety show Duality Of Her, Choi, 39, said she went to withdraw money from the bank after the unnamed celebrity told her that he had some financial difficulties.

"I found out later that he was lying and blocked him (on social media)," said Choi, who is part of Cantopop duo Twins with Gillian Chung.

"I was so angry that I deleted him and did not want the money back, as I knew he would not repay me."

While Choi, who is currently based in China, did not disclose who the friend was, netizens have pointed the finger at Hong Kong singer Steven Cheung.

Some have gone to his Douyin account and left comments urging him to repay Choi.

Cheung, a member of Cantopop duo Boyz, was in the news in 2019 after he was accused of cheating on his girlfriend when he married a fan who had given birth to their son.

The 37-year-old singer was also accused of borrowing money from his friends in the entertainment industry without repaying them, resulting in several celebrities distancing themselves from him.

Choi, whom Cheung once had a crush on, was then one of his good friends. Twins were the guest performers when Boyz reunited for a concert in 2018.

Choi later unfollowed him on Instagram and she has not followed him on social media since.

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