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Taiwanese artiste David Chao, 54, posts picture with his girlfriend, 32

TAIPEI – Taiwanese artiste David Chao Cheng-ping, who is known for his tough image and being outspoken, has shown a gentler side of himself.

Last Saturday, the 54-year-old actor-host-producer posted a photo on social media of the shadows of himself and his girlfriend. He wrote in Chinese: “Very happy to go out for a walk in the morning.” He included a heart emoji in his post.

The photo was likely taken by his girlfriend.

Chao gained the attention of viewers with his straight talk as a guest on variety talk show The Gang Of Kuo Kuan (2005 to 2021).

When he appeared on Taiwanese TV host Dee Hsu’s talk show Dee Girl’s Talk in 2022, he disclosed that he was dating a former flight attendant who is 22 years his junior.

He added during a press conference in 2023 that marriage was a possibility, and that they would hold a low-key ceremony if they registered their marriage.

He said jokingly that he may then reveal the news of his marriage on variety show Hot Door Night (2013 to present), which is co-hosted by Jacky Wu, Hank Chen and Lulu Huang.

Chao, who is divorced, disclosed on Hot Door Night in 2015 that he was married to a woman not from the entertainment industry. He subsequently announced their divorce on the variety show six years later.


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