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Myolie Wu’s son celebrates birthday with creepy crawlies

Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu threw a party for her second son Ryan’s third birthday recently, and it had an animal theme.

What was a bit unusual though was the kind of animals involved.

It seems Ryan loves dinosaurs and sharks, and of course she couldn’t get any of those to attend.

So she got some other critters instead. Photos put up on Instagram show the kids playing with a snake, a spider, a chameleon, a tortoise.

Yes, real live creepy crawlies.

It was perhaps just as well that Wu herself was away, because if you spring such a party on her, she is likely to go “eek!” and head for the exit.

But Ryan was really happy to be able to celebrate his birthday with so many different animals, she was quoted as saying. “The kids were really brave. If I had seen all these, I’d definitely be the first to flee.”


The doting mum organised the whole thing from China, where she was filming Sisters Who Make Waves 3.

Her husband Philip Lee was in Hong Kong with Ryan and their eldest, Brendan, four.

They have a third son,  one-year-old Liam, who was also in China with her.

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