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$20,000 sofa? Joanne Peh's new condo boasts some high-end furniture

It took over a year of disputes with various contractors over her home renovation before actress Joanne Peh and family settled into their new abode.

And judging from how it looks, it was well worth the wait.  

Local actors Joanne Peh, 40, and Qi Yuwu, 46, along with their two kids, moved into their resale condo in the east in 2022. 

Why did renovation work take so long? Well, the end result is a showcase of modern European decor, complete with cornices, chandeliers, marble flooring and elegant classical furnishings.

It also features a number of pieces from British luxury furniture label Christopher Guy, a brand known for its elegant pieces and iconic “Chris-cross” furniture-leg design.

The couple shared in a YouTube video by interior design platform, The SIXiDES, that they’ve always had a thing for modern European and classical design. 

Their interior designer, Astley Ng, said he looked to black-and-white colonial houses for inspiration and incorporated lots of white walls and dark brown and grey accents.

Naturally, none of that came cheap. 

According to the Christopher Guy website, this sofa retails from $20,900, while the coffee table costs $18,400.

The dining table goes for $19,300 with each chair costing $3,000.

Then there’s the canopy bed in the master bedroom. Shaped like a cocoon, the bed retails from $20,500.

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