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Time away from husband was 'good for the relationship', says Joanne Peh

Local actress Joanne Peh experienced an unfamiliar feeling earlier this year when she travelled to Canberra, Australia, to shoot scenes for the Mediacorp drama SHERO. 

It marked the first time since the pandemic that Peh, 39, left her two kids and husband Qi Yuwu behind to go overseas. 

In the latest episode of Just Swipe Lah, Peh shared with host Juin Teh that her stint alone Down Under was rather therapeutic. 

"I think me and my husband having alone time like this is very good for our relationship,” she said. 

“He can do whatever he wants and he doesn't have to feel obliged to accompany his wife.

"His wife is not here, so he can..." continued Peh, at which point Teh interjected with a "have a carefree and happy time?"

"You could say so, said Peh with a laugh. “And for me, when I'm here (and) I want to go for a drink, I don't have to ask if he wants to tag along and stuff. I can do whatever I want, it's very relaxing."

It helps of course that Wu, 46, is understanding of this, since he’s an actor himself. 

"He knows that filming overseas isn't easy. You have to race against time and every second counts, which means that I'll be extra tired," Peh said.

"So if I don't communicate with them as much, he understands that I need to rest. He wants me to be in my best condition too."

Peh’s children, however – an eight-year-old daughter and six-year-old son – were reportedly sad to see their mother leave.

Peh explained that her kids were really young the last time she travelled overseas by herself.

"They didn't register that I left, the feeling wasn't that strong. But they missed me a lot this time. They said: ‘Mummy don't go’ and asked ‘How many days are you going for?’ They even counted down (to the day I left).”

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