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Qi Yuwu says baring his chest on show wasn't to 'show off'

Local actor Qi Yuwu was left confused after teasing remarks that he was showing off his body on a recent TV show. 

In the latest episode of the The Star Athlete, which was on swimming, Qi, 46, was the only celebrity on the show baring his chest -- which prompted #JustSwipeLah host Juin Teh to ask co-stars Lee Teng and Jaspers Tan about it. 

Teng joked that it was done “for the benefit of our viewership”. 

To which Tan chimed in: “He (Yuwu) wanted to show off his body. One word, vain!”

“If I am bare-chested, I am afraid people will vomit if they are in the midst of eating…" Tan quipped.

Speaking to AsiaOne, Qi who was told about Teng’s remarks, and said: “Shouldn't Lee Teng have taken off his shirt, if he wanted to boost viewership?”

As to why he appeared bare-chested on the episode, he said it was not because he had the best body. 

“It's not about whose body is better, as there are many kinds of men in this world. It's just a natural thing in my perspective, not a matter of good or bad,” he said. 

He also expressed his befuddlement that swimming bare-chested was something to be noticed. 

“Don't most men swim bare-chested? That is always natural for swimming… even on the beach most men are shirtless.”

“I don't find a need to cover and hide anything. As long as everybody is comfortable and happy, that's enough. It's also not done with the intention to show off.”

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