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Actor Hisyam Hamid and wife divorce after 18 years of marriage

PETALING JAYA – Singaporean actor Hisyam Hamid has admitted that he and Rosmawati Hanafi are no longer husband and wife.

In an interview with mStar, The Star’s Malay-language news portal, Hisyam said the decision was for the best, but declined to comment on the reason and actual date of their divorce.

The 38-year-old actor, who is based in Malaysia, added: “I don’t want a dark moment between us to destroy our bond.

“For now, we feel that it’s best if we aren’t husband and wife any more.

“We want to focus on moving forward. What’s most important is we (fulfil) our responsibilities towards the kids.”

Hisyam and Rosmawati tied the knot in 2006. They have two children together – Nurish Syameliah, 17, and Haydeen, 15.

Despite the divorce, Hisyam – who has starred in movies such as Kau Yang Satu (2017), Revenge Of The Pontianak (2019) and La Luna (2023) – made it clear he respects his ex-wife and is still on good terms with her.

He added that Rosmawati, who is also his manager, will continue managing his artistic career.

“What’s in the past is in the past. We are comfortable being friends for now, but to be more than that is something I’m unsure of. Only time will tell.

“At the end of the day, she is still the mother to my kids. Almost 20 years together, not everything was bad and negative. There were many positive experiences too.

“She gave birth to my two children, and that’s a huge sacrifice,” he said.

As for why he did not address this matter when asked by the media previously, Hisyam said it was because he did not want the news to affect his kids.

Earlier in May, Hisyam declined to comment on the rumour that his marriage was on the rocks and said he would talk about it when the time was right.

“I wanted to ensure no controversy affected my kids. I wanted to set a good example for them,” he said. – THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK