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Actress Bonnie Loo reveals ‘complicated’ relationship with cheating ex-boyfriend

Mediacorp actress Bonnie Loo regrets having been a fool for love.

She recently revealed how she was in a “complicated” relationship with her ex-boyfriend, a man who is not in the same industry as her.

The couple ended their two-year relationship earlier this year.

Loo spoke to 8world about her love life and all the red flags that she chose to ignore.

She said her ex pursued her for a year before she agreed to date him. She chose to keep their relationship quiet, but noted that was also why it was easy for him to cheat on her.

While dating, the 29-year-old realised that her former love was very close to one of his female friends, who happens to be in showbiz. And to her horror, Loo discovered later that they had been living together for some time.

“I was very emotional when I found out, because I had to hear it from my friends. They asked if I was kept in the dark, or if I was being lied to,” she said.

To make matters worse, they weren’t just housemates, they were actually sharing a room.

Looking back, Loo realised that although she was never invited to any of her ex's gatherings with his friends, the female friend was usually there.

She then decided to talk to her ex and the woman, and although both insisted that they were “platonic friends”, they referred to each other as “soulmates”.

“If they are soulmates, he shouldn’t have been in a relationship with me in the first place. He should’ve just gotten together with her. What does he need a girlfriend for?” she told 8world.

She rued not having “enough experience in relationships” and said: “I’ll admit I was being stupid in this relationship, and my friends have also tried telling me so. The warning signs were there, but I didn’t pay them any attention.”

Ironically, Loo said she’s been mistaken as the third party in her ex’s “relationship”. 

“They have always been very secretive and have never admitted to being in a relationship. I, on the other hand, told my friends that we were together. I want to let their friends know about the entire situation, and let them know that I was not a third party,” she said.

The messy state of affairs didn’t end there. In an interview with Mediacorp’s online entertainment programme #JustSwipeLah, Loo said she wants to cut all contact with her ex. But there’s a snag: She had lent him a “six-figure sum” when he was facing problems with his business.

The actress is now trying to mend herself.

She said: “Before, I gave too much love to [my ex] and neglected myself. I lost my pretty and cheerful self, so I just want to spend more time on loving myself now.” 


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