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Billionaire heiress Kim Lim says she's now 'scared' when it comes to relationships

Local socialite Kim Lim, daughter of billionaire Peter Lim, admits that she’s now “scared” when it comes to getting into a romantic relationship.

The 32-year-old, who earlier this year completed divorce proceedings with her second husband after a “traumatic eight months”, has been keeping herself busy with her business ventures, launching an aesthetics clinic and a hair treatment centre among other things. 

Speaking to 8Days recently, the beauty mogul was asked if she plans to date again anytime soon.

“Not yet,” she said, with a laugh. “Maybe I just haven’t found the right person. I don’t know if it’s because I have no time (as well), but for me it’s always been like, ‘it is what it is; take it as it comes’.”

Lim had separated from her second husband, Mr Leslie Leow, just two months after their lavish wedding in February 2022.

Talking about the split in another interview earlier this year, she said: “At that time, I may have been too eager to have a warm home and find a good partner to settle down (with)... I can only blame myself for not getting to know someone well, and everything was decided too hastily.”

In May, her first husband Koh Bin Kai, who’s also her six-year-old son’s dad, was sentenced to two years and 10 months’ jail after pleading guilty to three charges under the Remote Gambling Act.

Kim with her father Peter Lim, her ex-husband Kho Bin Kai, and son Kyden.

She told 8Days she doesn't know if her previous marriages have made her not believe in love anymore, or if she's simply so busy she "cannot feel anything outside of work”.

“I’m still trying to find a balance. I don’t have time for myself (or) my son (Kyden) – but I try to come back every two weeks (from work trips) and spend one or two days with him. 

“My work is going okay, and maybe this is the part where (people say) ‘nothing is perfect’. Maybe the imperfect part of me is my love life.”

“Life is funny because it hits you at unexpected moments. When you want (love), it doesn’t come, but when you don’t want it, it comes. 

“After Kyden, I always said I don’t want kids anymore. Now I see everyone around me with their kids and it’s so cute, but I’m like, 'urgh, no one to have with' (laughs).

“Maybe when I grow older I’ll think differently but I’ll update you all if I meet someone new.”