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Comedian Suhaimi Yusof knocked on stranger's door as he badly needed to use the toilet

Faced with an urgent need to relieve himself, local comedian Suhaimi Yusof found no public washroom in sight.

So, he decided to put his celebrity status to good use. He knocked on a stranger’s house, and after quickly exchanging greetings with the owner, rushed into the toilet. 

The amusing story was relayed over a podcast hosted by local comedian Fakkah Fuzz, who had Suhaimi on as one of the guests. 

Fakkah said he had the story from a relative – that Suhaimi, who was attending a void deck wedding, had shown up at the doorstep of a random Malay family to ask if he could use their facilities. 

"All the toilets were full. He (Suhaimi) needed to s**t, (so) he just went to the nearest Malay house. 'Ding Dong': The fella opened the door: 'Eh Suhaimi!'

“'You wait ah, I need to s**t. I come out then we can take photo,' Suhaimi told him."

Much to the amusement of everyone on the podcast, Suhaimi confirmed the account, and said it happened during a wedding in Ang Mo Kio. 

He explained there were no coffee shops in the vicinity. "I really had to, I really, I was like either explode or implode," Suhaimi added.

He noticed some Hari Raya light decorations at the window of a second-floor unit. "I was trying to identify which one was a halal house."

He rang the doorbell, greeted the family, and asked if they could open the gate. "I went straight to the toilet," he recalled. "I said 'I see you later!'"

He then mimicked the family's utter confusion at having a local celebrity barge into their home: "The family was like 'Uhhhh...'"

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It definitely helped, though, that the family recognised who he was.

TikTok users were tickled by the story, with some saying their doors would always be open should Suhaimi ever come knocking with a tummy ache.