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Dawn Yeoh aspired to become an actress after watching Wild Orchids

Sibay Shiok co-founder Dawn Yeoh may not be where she is today had she not watched the 1996 television series Wild Orchids.

The 37-year-old former actress, when asked to pick a song that would represent her youth, shared with 8world that she would choose Declaration Of Love.

The number was the theme song for Wild Orchids, starring Thomas Ong and Fann Wong – the original singer of Declaration Of Love.

“It was after watching the show that I aspired to become an actress," said Yeoh.

“The song is mainly about love between a couple but I feel that the same love can be extended to family members, friends and oneself.

"Love during that era was pure, blissful and uncomplicated. I wish to convey the same feelings of innocence and purity in my singing."

Yeoh on Jan 5 performed at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s TGIF Music Station, alongside Bonnie Loo, Mai Zhiqi, Music-In-Law and Arya Yunata.

She earlier told 8world that she would get pre-show jitters but said "it's good to be nervous".

“It means the performance means a lot to me and I wish to give it my best. And live shows can be unpredictable, so it’s normal to be nervous about it."

Yeoh, who recently set off the rumour mill after she and and Sibay Shiok co-founder Terence Cao hugged in a livestream, got into singing to increase the platform's viewership.

“In the past two years, my biggest breakthrough was discovering that I could accomplish a lot of things. In the past, as an actress, I felt that my duty was simply to work hard at acting. But I lived only in the roles I played, I couldn’t really find myself outside of that.

“In 2023, I learnt not to put all my eggs in one basket. It’s good to do something well but the current market trend shows the importance of having multiple ventures."

Yeoh added that a single is in the works. 

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