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Edmund Chen ready to return to showbiz

Former TV actor Edmund Chen says he is now ready to return to showbiz. 

The 63-year-old left the scene to take care of daughter Yixin when she was born in 2000.

When their first child Xi was born in 1991, Edmund and wife Xiang Yun were at the peak of their acting careers. They  did not get to spend much time with their son and that filled Edmund with remorse.

"Xiang Yun was so popular at the time, it'd be a pity for her to quit. So I would rather I give up my acting career," he told 8world, adding that he tried to get into other areas of work but failed.

"I actively applied for jobs, but things didn't go as planned as I lacked the relevant skillsets. I tried to start my own business but realised it's not easy being a boss. I considered going into sales, but my personality wasn't suitable for that line of work."

Edmund eventually went into the creative line and now has 14 books to his name.

Now that his children have grown up, Edmund is ready to return to acting. "I can return to acting or even work behind the scenes. I have plenty of time on my hands now.

"I have been an audience for many years, now that I have a different understanding of TV production and performance, I hope that I can come back and try something different."

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