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Felicia Chin makes return to acting, took 3 months of no-pay leave to film series

A year after she left Mediacorp to pursue a job at a faith-based ministry, former actress Felicia Chin is set for a return to the TV screen at the end of this year.

The 38-year-old will play the female lead in the upcoming Mediacorp drama, I Do, Do I? She revealed that she even took three months of no-pay leave during filming. 

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News recently, Chin, who now works as a content creator, answered questions submitted by readers on her comeback to acting. 

"I hadn't filmed for a year, and so I thought it was about time,” she told the Chinese daily. 

“When I meet people on social media or outside, I'm often asked 'when will you film again', which is very touching. Yes, I also think it’s time for new work.”

The 20-episode series will see Chin playing Tho Yumi, a coffee shop owner who falls in love with an Italian (played by Jason Godfrey) she meets while backpacking in Italy.

Having not acted for a year, Chin said she had to adapt to the shoot times and processes.

"My lifestyle over the past year was very different. But I got used to it after filming started.

“Last year, when I announced that I was leaving showbiz, I said that if there was a suitable role, I would still act. After I joined my new company, I spoke with my colleagues, and we all agreed that since I’m creating content related to social media, it’s important to remain in the public eye." 

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