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‘He’s a liar’, says former TVB actor Wong Hei about ex-colleague Steven Ma

Looks like another celeb feud is brewing – in Hong Kong.

Former TVB actor Wong Hei has put out a new video on his YouTube channel to accuse his former colleague, Steven Ma, of lying.

Titled If I Am Steven Ma’s Manager, Wong, 56, read out an article about how Ma had fallen ill after performing consecutively for three nights at his concerts in Hong Kong. 

Ma, 52, was reported to have had a throat infection after suffering an allergic reaction to anti-inflammatory medicine, which caused his mouth, windpipe and throat to swell and his mucous membrane to tear.

The actor and singer was said to be so sick he had to be sent to the hospital in the middle of the night.

The article went on to say that Ma still went on with his fourth show despite the fact that his tongue had started bleeding as he didn’t want to disappoint his fans. His crew was reportedly on standby backstage to tend to the bleeding.

In the video, Wong questioned the truth of the article and said sarcastically: “Something happened wor, that could be deadly! Aiyoh, I was so worried.”

He then insinuated that Ma was trying to use his illness to get attention.

“Is it because someone came to ask you or because you couldn’t get anyone’s attention and no one came to show concern? Or is it because you have nothing for people to care about that’s why you’re sharing this on your own accord?”

The Burning Flame star said Ma was dishonest about the severity of his condition.

“You can immediately tell he’s lying! He thinks people reading wouldn’t be able to tell. He thinks people would believe him?” he said.

Wong added that he doubted Ma’s claim of catching a cold: “When you’re walking about on normal days you don’t get an infection but somehow when you have a concert that happens?”

He felt that if Ma’s condition had indeed worsened after taking the anti-inflammatory medicine, the latter should have called for a press conference to warn everyone about it and the hospital that administered it. 

“If there’s really such an anti-inflammatory medicine that would cause such a reaction after consumption, that’s not an allergic reaction, that’s called being poisoned,” he dissed. 

Wong also asked why there were no photographs of Ma at the hospital. 

“How could no one took any pictures? If no one snapped pictures, you should have asked your assistant or manager to take some and send to the reporters, he said.

He mockingly suggested that his former colleague could have refunded his fans’ tickets instead of worrying about disappointing them. 

He continued his 23-minute-long rant against Ma by saying he found it unbelievable that no one had noticed that Ma was unwell during his remaining performances.

“Those who were there for the fourth, fifth and sixth show totally didn’t realise Steven Ma was on the brink of death for the past four days. And they said that his staff were on standby to stop his tongue from bleeding. I want to ask all the certified first-aiders, how do you stop a tongue from bleeding? Are we supposed to use an opsite spray?” he said.

He also reasoned that there was no way Ma could have gone on with his concert unless he lip-synced. 

Towards the end of his video, the actor made what was probably his most cutting remark when he warned doctors to be careful of Ma.

He said: “Some adults will make up stories that even three-year-olds wouldn’t believe.”



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