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Husband of actress Nurul Aini admits to extramarital affair

The husband of Mediacorp actress Nurul Aini was caught on camera entering Capri by Fraser China Square with a woman believed to be actress Fatin Amira.

In the video that made the rounds online on Jan 20, Nurul's husband Sofian Roslan is seen exiting from a car at the carpark of Capri by Fraser China Square, as written in the video caption.

A woman is also seen exiting the car moments later. The duo, both wearing caps, are then seen entering the building separately.

The video ends with the duo returning to the car – also separately – and the woman leaning in for a kiss in the car.

Hours after the video was first shared online, 41-year-old Nurul posted on Instagram a request to be given space and privacy. "This is an incredibly difficult time for my family and me. We kindly request understanding and privacy as we navigate through these challenges. Your support and prayers are very much appreciated."

Sofian, a property agent with ERA Realty Network, admitted to his infidelity. He posted on Instagram a note addressed to his "beautiful wife" of 24 years.

He wrote: "I have faltered and lost my way. I can't even imagine the pain I've caused you and our family. I am sorry."

Fatin, who is also an ERA property agent, married Khairul Fadly in November 2021.

Sofian and Fatin have set their Instagram accounts to private.