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'I'm not a powerful female figure': Zoe Tay

She may play a domineering boss and wife in the new Mediacorp drama My One and Only. But in real life, Zoe Tay prefers to take the back seat.

Speaking to 8world on June 8, she said, "Even today, the man is still the head of the household and has to take charge."

When it comes to sharing the burdens of a family, men must take care of "external" issues while women have control of "internal" affairs.

The 55-year-old veteran actress said that a powerful woman may cause problems within the family.

"I'm not a powerful female figure, and neither am I someone who knows or wants to know how to do business.

"I also feel that an ambitious figure like that wouldn't mesh well with the husband-wife relationship at home."

Tay married former Royal Singapore Air Force pilot Philip Chionh in 1995. The couple have three sons, Brayden, 17, Ashton, 15, and Nathan, 11.

She was speaking to reporters about the new long-form drama where she plays the assertive Ma Limin.

Brandon Wong plays her husband, Hao Jian, a softie who is no head of the household and avoids conflicts.

Unlike Tay, 51-year old Wong's character's principles parallel his own.

"Actually, my status at home is also like this (Hao Jian's)!" the veteran actor said in jest. 

Wong married Helen Lee in 2004. The duo, like Tay, also have three sons: Yu Jie, 14, Yu Xin, 12, and Yu Xuan, eight.

He said: "I think a man should be strong enough to bear responsibilities. In addition to supporting their wife and children, men also want them to be happy."

  • The drama also stars Elvin Ng, Ya Hui, Shawn Thia, Fang Rong and Zhai Siming, and will air on Channel 8 every Monday to Friday at 7.30pm beginning in July, with episodes also available on meWATCH.
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