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Phyllis Quek found men in showbiz wanting

What’s with you, guys?

First we had former actress Jacelyn Tay saying she can do without you. Her plants give her enough joy, thank you very much.

Now here’s actress Phyllis Quek saying industry colleagues she dated didn’t understand her or make her feel secure.

And they couldn’t even be trusted to keep their word.

Before she met the Australian businessman she married, Quek did date guys in showbiz.

But little was known about that, until she opened up about it on a recent episode of Mediacorp's Mandarin talk show Hear U Out.

There was never much industry talk or public speculation about her relationships because, according to her, she herself kept quiet.

“I did have relationships in showbiz, but all those relationships drained me,” Quek, 50, told the host, Quan Yi Fong.

"It was really difficult to meet someone who truly understood me,” she said, or for that matter, who cherished her and made her feel secure.

Even when a mutual friend introduced her to Mr David Cox, who was in Singapore to watch the Formula One race more than a decade ago, it wasn’t love at first sight.

But he eventually won her heart, most of all by his willingness to move to Singapore and live with her.

"He always kept his word," she said. "It was something I never had in my past relationships."

C’mon guys, don’t let women down so much. Can or not?