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Singapore singer Huang Yida eliminated in Chinese reality show Call Me By Fire

Singapore singer Huang Yida has been eliminated in the latest round of Chinese reality show Call Me By Fire.

In the latest episode aired last Friday, Huang, who was in the team led by Hong Kong singer-actor Alex To, was eliminated together with Chinese actor Zhu Jiaqi, who was in the team led by Chinese singer Zheng Jun. 

The two teams formed an alliance during the second public performance and performed the songs Just Like Fire and White Dove.

They ranked fourth and last in this round, which meant two artistes from the two teams who were ranked the lowest in the  “Most Favourite” list chosen by fans were eliminated. 

Huang, 43, and Zhu, 32, were eliminated as they were ranked 29th and 30th respectively.

To, who had chosen Huang to be the first member of his team, looked devastated after Huang was eliminated, and was seen shedding tears.

“I felt that I have let down the team,” the 60-year-old said during a backstage interview. “Maybe I am not cut out to be a team leader.”

To shared two photos taken with Huang on Weibo after the latest episode was aired last Friday.

He wrote: “Dear Yida, I have admired your music from the beginning, but I did not expect us to be in the same group and have no opportunity of working together. But I believe this is only the beginning as I look forward to us making music together in future.”

Huang shared To’s post and wrote: “Dear Brother To... thanks for your trust and affirmation in me. Remember to take good care of your body. Bromance forever!”

Huang was referring to the fact that To had developed a bone spur while rehearsing for the show and the doctor had advised him to go for surgery.

The second season of Call Me By Fire features 32 male artistes vying to be part of a boy band. Veteran actor Deric Wan from Hong Kong and Chinese singer-actor Alen Fang were eliminated in the previous round.

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