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Single’s Inferno 2 couple Choi Jong-woo and Shin Seul-ki go Instagram official

Another couple from popular reality dating show Single’s Inferno has gone Instagram official.

Barista Choi Jong-woo, who is in his mid-20s, shared a photo last Saturday which showed him and Shin Seul-ki, 24, in adorable photo-booth snaps. He added an emoji of a four-leaf clover in the caption and tagged her in the post.

The second season of the Netflix show, which started streaming on Dec 18 and ended last Tuesday, sees 12 singles in their 20s and 30s stranded on a South Korean island to make love connections.

They had been on a social media blackout until the finale and viewers of the show, which made Netflix’s Global Top 10 list, were eager to know if the contestants who had paired up were still dating after filming ended.

Shin, a piano major at Seoul National University, was a hot favourite with the six male contestants and had three men vying for her final vote.

Choi, who fell in love at first sight with Shin, was her surprise pick in the finale.

Netizens spotted his reflection in a clip she posted on Instagram Stories last Saturday of her playing the piano in an empty concert hall.

Another couple who paired up during the show, Kim Se-jun and Lee So-e, both in their 20s, appeared to also still be dating after leaving the island. Kim shared two photos of them together last Thursday on Instagram.