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Xiang Yun still traumatised by incident at HDB stairwell

Stories of sexual assault get local actress Xiang Yun, 62, riled up as she herself had fallen victim twice.

Xiang Yun, who plays a psychologist who counsels victims of sexual crime in the upcoming drama Unforgiveable, told 8world she is still traumatised by an incident that happened when she was in Primary 1.

Her family had moved into a new HDB estate in the late-1960s and there were still many empty flats in the block.

"We were among the first to move in, so there weren't many people living in the area. There were only a couple of occupied units on the sixth and seventh storeys, and almost nobody living on the higher levels," she said.

Xiang Yun recounted how a man she and her three sisters had seen before in the neighbourhood, asked her to follow him to the stairwell. He told her to sit for a chat but ended up pulling her onto his lap.

"He then 'bit' my lips. He was kissing me but I didn't know. I was so scared that I cried and kept struggling," she said.

The man fled only because he heard someone coming up the stairs.

Xiang Yun said she would hide under the table and cry for weeks after the incident.

She also revealed how someone grabbed her butt at an event she had attended as an actress.

"This is why I get mad whenever I hear of such things happening to other people. We cannot let sexual predators get away!"

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