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The kitty got bling, that’s her thing

Money - she’s a cat. Don’t give her some cheap toy rat.

A gift for this kitty can cost quite a stash of cash.

For her birthday, Money got to grab some serious bling, worth about $8,400. She got her paws on a gold necklace, custom-made of course.

And fame to go with the fortune too, as a video of Money in a Kuala Lumpur jewellery shop has gone viral.

She belongs to hijab brand Bawal Exclusive’s founder Haliza Maysuri, who put the video on TikTok, the Malay Mail reported online.

Ms Haliza paid RM25,980 for the necklace, the heart-shaped pendant inscribed with the Persian cat's name and date of birth.

The pendant with the cat's name and date of birth.HALIZA MAYSURI/TIKTOK

The celebration was a bit delayed because of the Covid-19 restrictions in place when Money turned four years old in May this year.

But she certainly made up for it, showing off her necklace and strutting around at the shop.

She would of course expect no less, given the lifestyle she is used to.

Ms Haliza drives Money around in a BMW, and the cat gets monthly grooming and spa sessions.

"My husband adores her very much and will take her for all his work trips or our vacations," she was quoted as saying.

They have two other pet cats, but Money, bought from a pet shop four years ago, is closest to them, she said.

Comments on the post referred to Money as diva, sultan and boss cat. One said "I want to be this rich..." and another "wah 9may my birthday laa, money".

Ms Haliza had earlier hit headlines for designing a RM100,000 tudung, the Malay Mail report said.



Hadiah hari jadi Money yang 4 tahun.

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