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Where to buy your cheongsam this CNY

From bespoke traditional styles to creative pieces with modern twists

For special occasions such as weddings or Chinese New Year, the cheongsam remains the classic garment of choice for those looking for a traditional outfit.

Whether it is because of its classic beauty and evergreen elegance or its flattering feminine cuts that render it dressy enough for the important occasions in your life, the Chinese qipao, as it is otherwise known as, remains timeless.

From bespoke pieces updated with a contemporary flair to exquisite polished designs, get well acquainted with these 10 labels if you are contemplating where to make your next cheongsam purchase.

The Missing Piece

The home-grown label distinguishes itself from other cheongsam ateliers with its knack for unexpected, on-trend details such as feminine puff sleeves, signature waist cut-outs and ruffle trimmings.

All of its pieces are made to order and crafted from soft breathable fabrics for maximum comfort. You will also find lovely prints such as toile de jouy, colourful polka dots and florals that pop.

From $180 to around $300 for a cheongsam.

Ong Shunmugam

This home-grown label rose to fame with its strikingly modern and varied takes on the cheongsam, including matchy crop top and culottes ensembles and mixed print cheongsams.

Is it any surprise that its regular Chinese New Year cheongsam range should be as covetable?

There is a piece for every body shape, be it poppy print belted cheongsams for the petite or a sleek wide-sleeved cheongsam that is fit for so many festive moments to come.

From $349 for a cheongsam crop top to $688 for a lace cheongsam dress.

Tong Tong Friendship Store

Expect happy, cheery pieces from this cheongsam speciality store each season, along with some cute zodiac brooches to go with your purchases.

New stock comes in every week during the lead-up to Chinese New Year.

From $339 for a cotton cheongsam to $529 for a brocade dress.

Shanghai Tang

The easiest way to make the mandarin collar style look modern is to opt for more contemporary materials and fit.

Hong Kong luxury fashion house Shanghai Tang is a go-to for knitted cheongsam dresses and tops with a relaxed fit - a look that can be worn to the office too.

From $565 for a mini qipao to $944 for a jacquard cheongsam.

Mama & Misse

For more timeless pieces for you and your mum, visit this cheongsam chain. Established in 1992, this family-run business is a hit for its large size range that goes from XS to XXXXL.

Aside from the all-time favourites with cap sleeves, you will find some unusual styles that feature batik and Indian sari fabric on the traditional mandarin collar dress.

Between $288 and $588 for cheongsam dresses.


Details such as knotted buttons, tall mandarin collars and floral prints are what Cloth.ier has in abundance.

Be it modern ready-to-wear cheongsams that are crafted for everyday wear or gorgeous floral printed silk cheongsams that are sure to turn heads at a wedding, the label's pieces are designed with the modern woman in mind.

From $78 for a mandarin collar blouse to $328 for a silk qipao.

Studio HHFZ

Founder-designer Hu Ruixian devotes herself to every unique handcrafted cheongsam.

She creates individual bespoke pieces that feature refreshing whimsical prints (some of which were created by local graphic designers), unique embroidery and delightful contemporary designs.

From around $400 depending on the design.

Lark & Peony

The Singapore cheongsam brand's all-time favourite, The Princess, features cap sleeves and a contrasting, removable obi belt.

Other chic finds include lightweight printed cheongsams with flared skirts and other comfortable finds to do your house visits in.

From $268 depending on the design.

YeoMama Batik

Specialising in beautiful batik prints, it introduces a fun-loving celebratory vibe to the modern cheongsam.

You will find chic silhouettes and cuts such as button-down swing dresses and peplum details with the brand's many tongue-in-cheek pieces - all of which are rendered in charming intricate batik patterns in bright vivid colours.

From $188 to $468 for a batik cheongsam dress.

The Happy Cheongsam

If you have a weakness for cutesy prints, this may just become your go-to option. Young mums will also love the matchy mum and mini me sets ($219) - the childrenswear versions are made to fit little ones from ages two to six.

From $179 for a pencil skirt cheongsam to $359 for a Shantung silk cheongsam.

Where to buy your cheongsam this CNY

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