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Chef Wan: Do I look like someone who would cheat?

Malaysia's celebrity chef Redzuawan Ismail, better known as Chef Wan, is famous for maintaining the high standards at the establishments he runs.

When the food served at his Singapore restaurant 1 Market no longer met the high standards he had set when he opened it at Plaza Singapura, he shuttered the business.

Recently, Chef Wan has been accused by staff members and former employees of his joint venture De.Wan 1958 in Kuala Lumpur that they had been underpaid, wrongly dismissed or denied overtime claims.

The accusations in a TikTok video gained traction and Chef Wan, who owns nine F&B establishments, on Jan 14 issued a statement on Instagram to address the issue.

Stressing that he tried to get both sides of the story, Chef Wan explained that his business partner and management team denied all the allegations. 

Among the reasons cited for docked salaries and employment termination were dishonesty, insubordination, and lack of skills and/or discipline.

Chef Wan highlighted that his personal expenses, including all his contributions to charitable causes, are paid from his own pocket. 

"Do I look like someone who would cheat? Why would I tarnish my own reputation?"