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GetLit! Part 3: Punggol Redux

#BuySingLit begins today, heralding three days of more than 40 activities in all four official languages to promote Singapore literature, aka SingLit. In print and online, The New Paper is profiling some of the talent involved. Today, we have a selection of work looking beyond tomorrow...

Marc Nair

And it was here that the first robot dogs were tested, 
the first maids morphed into household beat machines, 
and fruit trees generated random sine wave tones. 

Every house was a constant tinkle of swelling chords 
synthesizing part of the evening meal, a prelude to 
cocktail parties of asynchronous myth-making.

The bicycles spun, their shoulders to the maps,
leaning into nano-wind, curving against a carbon-
fibre-clad jetty snug with code-heavy fishermen.

They hauled bitstreams of pixelated jellyfish from the sea
as windows let in pages of binary morning light. 
The last pigeon stopped to coo, and never spoke again. 

Punggol Redux
Marc Nair, 35, is a poet and photographer. He is a recipient of the 2016 Young Artist Award. He has published seven volumes of poetry and has performed spoken word locally and internationally for over 10 years.