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Influencer Naomi Neo’s son develops a taste for caviar

Singapore influencer Naomi Neo’s son, four, seems to have a sophisticated palate, even if his vocabulary has yet to catch up.

A video posted to the 26-year-old’s TikTok account on Tuesday shows her on a family outing to Japanese fine-dining omakase restaurant Sushi Yujo in Tanjong Pagar Road.

Her son Kyzo declares that he wants “ball ball and noodles” – which turns out to be a dish of caviar and pasta, which he refuses to let her try.

In the clip, he is also seen enjoying different types of caviar in a variety of dishes specially prepared by the chef.

Dinner at Sushi Yujo starts at $198 a person. The lunch menu indicates that the chilled truffle uni angel hair pasta dish savoured by Kyzo is priced at $78.

Neo’s posts often generate heated discussion and this one was no different.

While it is unclear if she paid for the meal, some netizens were envious that Kyzo was able to experience fine dining at such a young age.

“When (I was) that age, my pocket money was 70 cents, just enough for recess,” lamented one TikTok user.

Influencer Naomi Neo's son Kyzo at Sushi Yujo in Tanjong Pagar Road. PHOTO: NAOMINEO/TIKTOK


Another joked: “When I reincarnate, I want to be him.”

Neo also has a daughter, one-year-old Zyla Rey.

Kyzo frequently appears in Neo’s TikTok videos. In August, she and her husband came under fire for pranking their son with a ghost filter, which was filmed and shared by her on social media.