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New products to try



Japanese oil-free skincare brand Orbis has renewed its best-selling hydration skincare series Aquaforce, which includes a Mild Wash ($23), Lotion ($27) and Moisture ($30).

The range has a refreshed packaging and is enhanced with a moisture retention technology and impeccable permeation capabilities to achieve dewy and smooth skin.

It is also free of oil, fragrance and artificial colours.

This simple three-step daily beauty regimen includes an innovative ingredient, Moisture Magnet AQ, which actively increases the amount of moisture within the skin.

Aquaforce.PHOTO: ORBIS

The ingredient also strengthens the skin's ability to lock in moisture, creating a reservoir within the skin to relieve inner dryness.

Orbis Aquaforce is now available at all Orbis boutiques and counters.



Newly launched here, TimeBlock is a wholly organic plant extract-based breakthrough formulation developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany.

It repairs human DNA and supports youthful cell regeneration and is the first product in the world proven in human trials to reverse biological ageing significantly.

Key ageing markers were measured during a trial among 120 participants, and results showed a 23 per cent reversal in the biological age of the participants within six months.

TimeBlock retails at $430 (two-month package), $1,290 (six-month) and $2,580 (12-month).

There is an introductory promotion going on until March 31.

TimeBlock is available for purchase at


iDDNA Ultra Custom

New products to try

Local beauty centre Bella Skin Care has introduced iDDNA Ultra Custom, the first epigenetic skincare and personalised formulation that is made-to-measure from your DNA.

iDDNA Ultra Custom analyses the results of your DNA to develop a fully customised skincare system that combats the harmful effects caused by one's lifestyle and environment.

Next month, Bella Skin Care will be simplifying the iDDNA Ultra Custom, which will comprise of a Day Cream and a Night Cream.

One set lasts for 30 days.

Priced at $3,380, it includes a swab test, an iDDNA study (which requires two weeks of lab work), the iDDNA Ultra Custom and five skincare treatments from Bella Skin Care, which will last two to three months.

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