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Uber in partnership with Merc maker

German carmaker Daimler has entered a partnership with Uber, which is opening up its platform for manufacturers to introduce self-driving cars.

Although the ride-hailing service is pouring resources into autonomous technology - a key component of its strategy to rely less on human drivers - it is not equipped to build the cars itself.

Uber has self-driving car pilots available to riders in Pennsylvania and Arizona in the US.

The newest cars in those fleets are Volvos, after a US$300 million (S$423 million) deal between the two companies to develop autonomous cars together.

The Volvos are equipped with self-driving technology created by Uber.

However, unlike the Volvo deal, Uber will not own or manage the Daimler cars, but it is opening up its fleet to include Mercedes-Benz cars. - REUTERS