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It's all Earth, Wind & Fire for Captain America

Anthony Mackie reveals Chris Evans' taste in music and women

They are hailed as one of the most successful and critically-acclaimed bands of the 20th century, and Chris Evans is a huge fan.

The Captain America star would "dance to Earth, Wind And Fire all day", Anthony Mackie told E! News.

Mackie, who has become one of Evans' closest friends after working on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, said Evans really love the legendary US band, calling it the "best band of all time".

Evans and Mackie may be busy filming Captain America: Civil Warbut that's not stopping Mackie (who plays Sam Wilson aka Falcon) from trying to find his friend a gal pal.

"Chris needs a regular girl, one who's just down to earth and smart, and that's hard to find," he said.

"Those girls are not celebrities. Chris just needs somebody who hangs out at home and one to take care of him, you know because he is Captain America."

Of course, the right woman will probably need to get herself familiarised with hits like September...

and of course, Boogie Wonderland...

Maybe Evans likes the band because he feels some affinity with having to dress in potentially embarrassing outfits


Source: E! News

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