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Margot Robbie a tattoo artist?

Suicide Squad had better be a hit or it's going to be a painful memory for the cast — literally.

It appears that like kids with a box of Crayolas, they can't resist taking the opportunity to draw on each other.


Some of the squad are getting tattoos provided by their fellow cast members.

Margot Robbie is proving to be quite skilled with the needle gun, judging from the photos posted by director David Ayer and cast mate Jai Courtney.

However, spelling doesn't seem to her strong suit.



Ayer posted a photo to Twitter of Harley Quinn (Robbie) wielding a tattoo gun as she inks an unidentified man, captioning "#Skwad".

The US filmmaker also posted an image of the sign for Harley's tattoo business, with one of the words intentionally misspelled, again alluding to her questionable spelling skills.



Robbie also inked Courtney, who plays deadly assassin Boomerang.

Meanwhile, Will Smith also followed his Focus co-star's footsteps and inked "Skwad" on Joel Kinnaman's biceps.

Suicide Squad tells the story of a secret government agency that recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous missions in exchange for clemency. Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne, Adam Beach and Viola Davis also star in the film.



#skwad #harleystattooparlour

A photo posted by Jai Courtney (@jaicourtney) on Aug 18, 2015 at 1:50pm PDT



Ayer is known for going for a sense of realism and fuelled a pack mentality for his last film, Fury.

No word on if the Skwad tattoo is a 'rite of passage' but unless this film does well with the critics, they may want to invest in some tattoo removal cream.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter, E! News

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