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6 musician dads who wrote songs for their children

​There is no better way to celebrate Father's Day than to remember just how much our dads love us and what they have sacrificed for us.

And these musician dads are quite possibly the best at knowing how to channel their love for their kids into beautiful, emotional songs.

Some of these fathers may have a steely exterior but deep down, they are real softies. Case in point? Eminem and Jay Z. Both have dedicated songs to their daughters.

Check out these six musician dads who have written songs inspired by their love for their children.

1. Kanye West's Only One

Ah, the man who never smiles. Kanye West is often associated with inappropriate behaviour at award shows, and his ability to keep a stern face most of the time. 

On the music side of things, though, he's known to bare his soul about the changes going on in his life.

At the stroke of midnight this year, West released Only One, a beautiful song sung from the perspective of West's late mother, Donda to his daughter, North.

The video, though simple, shows West enjoying a day out together. 

Spoiler: He smiles!


2. Coldplay's Always in my head


This song was written in the aftermath of Chris Martin's separation from ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow and Martin (below) has said it's about "togetherness through life's challenges".

With Paltrow's use of the phrase "conscious uncoupling", we can see why the two were attracted to each other...

On a serious note, this song is more meaningful because it features back-up vocals from his daughter, Apple Martin. And this proves that you can get through any of life's challenges with your daughter by your side.

And if you needed another reason to listen to this song, Martin is Spotify's most listened to dad globally.

3. Jay Z's Glory

Jay Z puts away the swag and braggadocio for something a little more emotional - an entire song dedicated to his daughter, Blue Ivy.



He talks about how Blue was Jay Z's "greatest creation". 

It's even more poignant because he opens up about Beyonce's earlier miscarriage and the pain it caused the couple.

And of course, there is a Destiny's Child reference.

He writes: "You're a child of destiny. You're the child of my destiny. You're my child with the child from Destiny's Child."

4. Billy Ray Cyrus' Ready Set Go featuring Miley Cyrus

This song was sung by country star Billy Ray Cyrus to his daughter Miley Cyrus just as she was getting big after the success of Hannah Montana (you know, when she was innocent). 

It perfectly encapsulates how a father feels when his child embarks on his or her chosen path.


5. Stevie Wonder's Isn't She Lovely

Often mistaken as a love ballad, this song was actually inspired by the birth of Stevie Wonder's daughter, Aisha. 



Wonder said that he saw the miracle of life not with his eyes but on a much deeper level with his senses and his heart and felt that he had to write the song.

6. Eminem's Hailie's Song

Originally a song meant just for his daughter Hailie, producer Dr Dre convinced him to release it on the album The Eminem Show after hearing it.

He raps frankly about his love for Hailie and how she helps him lighten his burdens.



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