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Dad of S'pore bride touches 'world' with moving words at wedding

This loving father of the bride could have made an onion cry.

His touching words as he handed over his daughter to her groom has "made the world cry" as one person put it after the Singaporean bride, Ms Kylie Yeo, posted a clip of her father on TikTok on June 18.

The sweet video has gone viral with the full clip posted by Ms Yeo being seen over 6 million times, with more than 13,000 comments left by netizens across the globe.  

shorter clip posted by another TikTok user has over 30 million views and 56,000 comments.

The ceremony is believed to have taken place in 2021. 

In the 2-minute clip, the bride is seen walking down the aisle with her dad.

@spongliee The very first time I saw my Dad cry - I love you dad #wedding #weddingday #happyfathersday #fatherlovedaughter all precious footage captured by @Iki Company ♬ original sound - Kylie

Before handing his daughter over to the groom, the emotional father tells him, "I'm passing my precious daughter to you."

He goes on to say, "Put her every time (in) first place, in every situation."

He then prays a blessing over them.

But what he says next dissolved even the hardest of hearts into jelly.

"If one day you ever have a change of heart that you don't love my daughter anymore, please don't hurt her," he says.

"Just bring her back to me and give her back to me."

The equally emotional groom replies, "It's not going to happen."

Then the trio embrace each other.

"The very first time I saw my dad cry," wrote Ms Yeo in her caption.

"Girl he made the WORLD cry at your wedding!" wrote a TikTok user, with many commenting how the video had them bawling.

Said another, "Your dad didn't make you cry! He has made everyone cry! God bless Dad and all his loved ones."

"The part that made me cry was the part where he told him that if he doesn't want her anymore, send her back," commented another person.

Responding to the comment, Ms Yeo wrote: "Lol (it) destroyed my husband also."


She talked about how lucky she is to have such a father.

Between all the "feels" though, one commenter added some laughter.

Said the comment, which has got over 12,000 likes so far, "He's saying contact the manufacturer if you have any issues!"