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Must-see MVs

Katy Perry's Rise is a fitting Olympics anthem


Rise is the inspirational MV of the summer.

Katy Perry struggles to get her parachute to rise in the middle of a rugged, dilapidated but majestic natural landscape. She has to overcome all odds to "survive" and "thrive", just like the athletes at the Rio Olympics 2016, making Rise a fitting Olympics anthem.

The US singer's heavily-mascara-ed look complements her show of strength and resilience against the billowing pink fabric behind her, and her constant fight comes through as an empowering performance.


With soft lighting and a rustic feel, Norah Jones' comeback offering gives off warm and fuzzy vibes.

The US singer looks gentle and pretty as she sings behind the piano against the backdrop of an elderly couple's home.

Snapshots of them cooking , waltzing slowly together and interacting lovingly are appropriate for the message of the song: "I lost my nerve, yet peace surrounds, so carry on".

The MV allows us to recall what is most important and meaningful in life.



An enviably toned Britney Spears is back and looking smooth, sleek and sexy as ever, as she gyrates to the beat.

The US pop star and her on-screen girlfriends watch guys as they come to audition, salivating over their six-packs and hot bods. At one point, she gets hot and heavy with one of them.

It's a steamy MV, but Spears can still pull off the sensuous image.


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